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Event - International MOF Symposium 2013

      International MOF Symposium 2013 (Flyer)

         September 16 - 17, 2013
         International Congress Center Dresden
         Ostra-Ufer 2
         01067 Dresden

      Congress Center Dresden

      Congress Center Dresden

         Suggestions for accommodations can be found here

      Invited Speakers:
      Preliminary Title:
       Rahul Banerjee

      Porous Crystalline Frameworks with/without Metal: Hydrogen Storage, Carbon Capture and Proton Conduction
       Dirk De Vos
      From opportunistic MOF catalysis to performance-driven design of active sites in stable materials
       Shuhei Furukawa
      Mesoscopic structuralization of metal-organic frameworks
       Susumu Kitagawa

      Evolution of functionality of porous coordination polymers/metal-organic frameworks
       Petr Nachtigall

      Accurate ab initio description of adsorption on coordinatively unsaturated sites in MOFs
       Martin Schröder
      Porous metal organic materials for gas storage and selectivity
       Christian Serre
      Synthesis and applications of iron based Metal Organic Frameworks
       Krista S. Walton 
      Solving MOF instability: exploring factors that impact MOF degradation in the presence of water



        This is the Program for 16th/17th September 2013.

       Abstracts (poster and oral presentation)
         Deadline for submission is April 30, 2013.

         Please use the following template: Template
         Please note that we only accept abstracts, which do comply with this template!

         You can submit the abstract by sending an email to: konferenz2013@chemie.tu-dresden.de

         When submitting your abstract, please state if it is a poster or an oral presentation.
         Deadline for registration is August 16, 2013.

         Registration fee:  Student - 150 EUR (Please attach a copy of your student identity card!)
                                   Regular - 300 EUR

         Conference dinner (September 16th, 2013):
         Student/Regular - 55 EUR
         (Location: Pulverturm an der Frauenkirche, An der Frauenkirche 12, 01067 Dresden, Germany)

         For registration please use the following form: Registration

         Please return completed form by e-mail to konferenz2013@chemie.tu-dresden.de or by fax
         under +49 (0) 351 - 46337287!

      We would like to thank our sponsors:

      Congress Center Dresden

      Congress Center Dresden

      Congress Center Dresden

      Congress Center Dresden








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