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Lectures and Practical courses

Courses Bachelor Chemistry / Diploma study Food chemistry

ANC II Analytical Chemistry

Lecture "Analytical Chemistry II" (Winter semester)
Seminar "Structure determination" (Summer semester)
Practical course " Instrumental Analytics" für chemists/food chemists (Winter semester)

FQ Interdisciplinary qualification

Course "Computer applications in chemistry" (Winter semester)
Course "Practical exercises databases" (Winter semester)

Elective Courses Master Chemistry

MA-CH-MRBO 08 Modern methods of analytics

Lecture "Mass spectrometry/vibrational spectroscopy "(Winter semester)
Lecture "NMR spectroscopy" (Summer semester)
Seminar (Summer semester)
Practical course

MA-CH-MRBO 07 Chemometrics

Lecture "Chemometrics II" (Summer semester)

MA-CH-BOC 07 Environmental Chemistry and Radiochemistry

Courses for students of mechanical science and engineering / education

Lecture "Analytical chemistry" (Winter semester)
Practical course "Instrumental Analytics" (Summer semester)

Multimedia-based teaching

Networked chemistry studies (Access via internet)
Virtual training course "Instrumantal analytics" (Access via intranet)
Virtual training course "Instrumantal analytics" - only UV-VIS (Access via intranet)

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